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Miscanthus Bedding for Sheep, Goats, Horses and Cows

Miscanthus bedding is the modern alternative to straw and wood shavings, proving more absorbent than straw and shavings. It can be used the same way as any other bedding either deep litter or a shallow covering on rubber mats.

As soon as the droppings and wet patches are removed from the stable or animal pens it will compost quicker than other beddings.

Miscanthus reduces contact between animals and manure, minimises ammonia levels, and insulates and protects animals from concrete floors. It is softer than traditional beddings and is a cost-effective alternative to wood shavings. Because of its woody nature means the dust content is naturally low reducing respiratory issues.

Dairy sheep farms are currently the major customers for the product that Miscanthus New Zealand harvests.

The demand for bedding for calves is expanding rapidly, particularly in the South Island. There has been nothing but positive feedback about this use. Seriously interested farmers are even establishing their own crops.

Once you try miscanthus bedding you will never go back to shavings.