Miscanthus Growers Needed Now

Miscanthus Growers Needed Now for Spring Planting 2022.

More Miscanthus planting is needed now, to meet a high growth in demand.

More and more growers are reaping the benefits of long-term, fixed price contracts to grow and sell Miscanthus. There are numerous markets for the crop, which include long-term supply contracts back to us – Miscanthus New Zealand.

Miscanthus is a low maintenance perennial energy crop, planted and established just once and harvested annually and has the potential to yield 20 – 30 tonnes per hectare.

The harvest can give a return of over $6,600 ha net, from a mature yield.

To lock in our discounted pricing for 2022, place your order and get started with just a 10% deposit by 1st June 2022.

Economics Summary

Based on planting a minimum 10 hectares, the summary per ha is as follows.

Your Cost
Initial supply of rhizomes and establishing the crop – a one off cost.
Establishment is blanket spraying, cultivation, planting and weed control in the first year.

Year 0, 2022                                                                                                                Expenditure/ha
Miscanthus rhizomes (17,777 units) & establishment                          $4,515

Your Income

We buy the harvest from you ($235per tonne) which includes all harvesting costs.
We agree to a five-year plus (two x five-year) purchase contract to buy your harvest if required.

Season, Yield                                                                                                    Revenue/ha

Year 2, 2024 – est. 7.5t/ha                                                                             $1,650
Year 3, 2025 – est. 15 t/ha                                                                             $3,300
Year 4, 2026 – est. 20 t/ha                                                                            $4,400
Year 5, 2027 – est. 25 t/ha                                                                             $5,500
Year 6, 2028 – est. 30 t/ha                                                                            $6,600



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