Terms of Trade


While rhizomes may be produced from any of several sites, the plantlets are produced by Seedling Systems Limited (SSL), a very high production and efficient nursery that has been growing Miscanthus since MNZ brought in the first plants.  SSL is located on Glenbrook Beach Road and organises efficient freight transport of the resulting plantlets to the destination.  SSL has developed techniques for Miscanthus multiplication that are relatively efficient and hence cost-effective, but is always striving to improve the process and hence reduce costs.

Plant Numbers

MNZ has sufficient plantlets or rhizomes available for whatever size planting is needed, confident in the knowledge that if a significant scale up is needed quickly, we can utilise the services of our partner tissue culture laboratory, Multiflora.  As with SSL, Multiflora has developed techniques for efficient multiplication of Miscanthus and has worked with SSL to keep the overall cost of plantlets as low as possible.


Customers who wish to plant reasonable areas of Miscanthus are strongly advised to have a feasibility study completed prior to finalising the decision to establish Miscanthus.  MNZ carries out such feasibility studies for prospective growers for $3,000 plus GST plus disbursements.  Typically this would total less than $3,300 plus GST, with 50% payable on commissioning the study and the balance being payable on receipt of the report.  As well as reporting on the feasibility of establishing and managing Miscanthus on the site, the report will also include details of the local market for the Miscanthus feedstock that the landowner will produce.  If requested MNZ will include a sample contract for purchase of the feedstock by / on behalf of a local end user.  In special cases, MNZ has entered (and will enter) into a Miscanthus product offtake agreement to give the grower complete certainty of market.


MNZ also offers management services for commercial Miscanthus growers so that landowners can avoid having to worry about doing this.  The management of Miscanthus is quite different from anything that they are likely to be used to.  MNZ management contracts are for a minimum of three years.

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